solar eclipse 14 march astrology

Leo man and Leo woman have charming and magnetic personalities that carry the potential to impress the opposite sex in no time. Ruled by the mighty Sun.

Or why you put sugar in your coffee? Or why you wake up at 5 AM, just like your grandparents used to? Maybe some of our habits need to change? With Saturn and Pluto near, we will think about change, "but", you think to yourself, "goats never really change, now do they"? So how do you use this New Moon?

With Saturn and Pluto making a sandwich out of this eclipse. Yes your the sandwich.

Ugliness in astrology

Be grateful for Mars in Aries, it will give you the drive to move your inner goat. Goats climb and descend over and over and over again. Your going to be relying on very subconscious drives and that's the very controlling feature of this eclipse. Saturn will remind you of the necessary rules, equipment, weather conditions, for mountain climbing. So your climbing mountains and maybe all of them kind of look the same. Is that so bad? This is not the most comforting realization to make. Why are we on this mountain? I thought we were going to do something entirely different? Plus, we already climbed this old mountain.

Why did we have to climb down in the 1st place? Mercury just won't stop quietly asking this question. That being said, your New opportunity is trying to change a few habits. You won't be reinventing the wheel, BUT, the changes you make in the coming months can help you reach real goals. Yes I know this sounds like a broken record. Pluto is forcing you to make changes, because the conditions have changed.

Look to the house where this configuration begins. In many cases. Autopilot will take over.

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We have many reasons for coming up and down the mountain. Its part of life and the cycles of life, that Saturn so carefully resides over. Pluto will present you with its own kind of irreversible change.

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So close to the South Node. Yes the struggle is real. What is an example of a "life mountain"? Perhaps this eclipse makes you reflect on a recent life change. You had knee surgery or hip surgery. You remember your own parent or grandparent having the same condition. Is this why they removed the Spanish tile and replaced it with ugly linoleum? Well your not like your parents, you tell yourself.

You just replaced your tile with Pergo. Your legs hurt and your having a difficult time adjusting to a recent surgery. You have to walk again and it seems a bit harder this time. The new Pergo feels better under your new Clarks Cloud Steppers. The high heels are sitting in a box waiting for Goodwill. Well "These new shoes, aren't your mother's shoes. These are stylish, cute, modern AND good for your legs".

Except, now your living this. This is what this eclipse is about. Can you hear the Talking heads song "Once in a lifetime". Goat, we are all creatures of habit. Find comfort in knowing, your baby goats will live by the examples you gave them.

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Even if we don't think they are listening. That is what the eclipse is all about. Virgo, Taurus and even Capricorn will benefit. The New Moon will have 6 planets in Capricorn. Imagine a Mountain Climbing Expedition. Now you may be thinking Mount Everest. Capricorn isn't going to Everest. Known as "The Jewel of the Swiss Alps". Oh, Did I mention that its a business retreat? Bring your business suit and everyone to bed by 10PM. Yes Capricorn found lovely accommodations, However, "We are engaging in several team exercises before we head up that mountain".

The Matterhorn is the mountain to climb.

What a great name for a Mountain. Your neighbors will be impressed. What stories you will tell. Now it won't be easy and we can't do this alone. Lots of Capricorn's planetary friends are showing up. Uranus in Aries makes a Square to the Capricorn Stellium. Lets just hope Pluto doesn't make to drastic of an avalanche, arguing with Uranus while up on the Mountain.

Venus in Magha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology (Venus in Leo)

They are very happy to join Capricorn in this endeavor. At least Venus will offer you a stunning view and Mercury will have sensible conversations for these future plans. The Moon feels a real attraction to this traditional Sun. Love is pretty stable, with this kind of energy.

Neptune in Pisces makes a Sextile, so Saturn is definitely bringing his spouse; after all he did promise her a beautiful trip. Probably not what Neptune had in mind. Did I mention?

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  7. Capricorn also brought his children. The Capricorn Moon does want the baby goats to learn the art of mountain climbing. How can a Capricorn Moon resist? Capricorn just doesn't understand the concept of "take a vacation". Grab your Laptop and your best suit.

    Chicago New Moon in Leo, July 23rd 2017,

    You won't do this alone. Saturn in Sagittarius is posted in the 12th house. A chain of depositors, leads to Mercury in Virgo. Pluto RX, in the 1st house, with 12th house, Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn will eventually trine Uranus and that leads back to, Venus, Mars and Mercury in Virgo, in the 8th house. A 9th house, Scorpio moon with Jupiter in Libra Money will exchange hands through the use of the law.

    Saturn and Pluto are trading places. Carefully detailed plans and agendas are kept hidden and behind closed doors. Pluto energy is out in the open, Saturn works behind the scenes. Very Few astrologers have been writing about the lunar eclipse, happening on August 7, I have had a few requests for more information.

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    I hope this will help. Check your own natal chart for comparison. A very assertive placement. You will be driven to act. Keep in mind, the placement of Mercury. The message of this lunar eclipse will be very direct and clear. Neptune is sleeping, lucky for us because, Leo will want to communicate to Aquarius.