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Leo man and Leo woman have charming and magnetic personalities that carry the potential to impress the opposite sex in no time. Ruled by the mighty Sun.

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Through any true or genuine Astrologer, you can get to know the right path and remedies to achieve your goals or anything you wish to do.

Each and everything in the Universe is made up in the form of energy. So, through Astrology and Horoscope analysis , we find out the best possible way to take out the positive outcome inside from you. Since it is a consultation and service-based, therefore, we are ready to listen to your issues if there is any other case then we are ready to process the refund if all things are good.


About the money-back guarantee, well we are not promising about any guarantee but yes whatever we serve is transparent and you will be served till your satisfactory level. Yes, definitely you can consult and clear your doubts before you order for any Astrology Services with Mahadasha. You can do by filling up the contact form at our Contact Us page. Skip to content Mahadasha and Antardasha Analysis. Online Career Astrology Know about your career growth opportunities through your horoscope Know More. Foreign Settlement Astrology Travel Astrology Predictions about your settlement and possible periods of going abroad.

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Know More. Financial Astrology Know the insights of your financial management through your horoscope and Vedic astrology. Pregnancy Predictions When you will get pregnant or conceive. Name required. Email required. Phone Number required. We are here to listen to YOU! Read More. He would spend heavily…. The source of these gains will be….

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What methods do you use? Why should I consult with Mahadasha. How many questions I can ask? How you process our Questions? Can I have any follow up sessions? For Taurus 9th lord is saturn and a yoga karaka. The effects will be extremely good. Jupiter will give effects of saturn and karakatva of 9th. Saturn in 9th will be great but by itself it has no karakatva matching with bhagya sthana and hence with no aspect of jupiter.. On the other hand if Jupiter aspects from lagna or 5th it is still good.

Re: your last reply, it is getting quite nuanced with the karaka factor kicking in to help the yoga. Much appreciated Sir. Also, common factors among all these with mostly manifest during the MD if supported by transits — is it correct. It is like a vector sum of all the factors. After years if you are still repeating this question then you need to have done s of case studies by now to see the actual impact. Your email address will not be published. The Art of Vedic Astrology.

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Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. Coming to a crucial and a vast, deep topic of Dasas planetary periods It is an ever-vital and indispensable tool of Jyotish in predicting the timing of future events. Now look at the following table for Vimshottari- Sun — 6 yrs Moon — 10 yrs Mars — 7 yrs Rahu — 18 yrs Jupiter — 16 yrs Saturn — 19 yrs Mercury — 17 yrs Ketu — 7 yrs Venus — 20 yrs For a total of yrs.

Only the starting point changes as per Moon longitude at birth So what we just described is called the Mahadasa or MD in short which is Level I dasa. Hence correct prediction lie in the ability developed over experience in harmonizing the signs given by both. April 17, at pm. VS says:. Sundar says:. September 13, at pm.

Calculation of Vimshottari Dasha System

September 20, at pm. January 5, at pm. January 7, at pm. January 8, at am. January 8, at pm. January 9, at pm. AJ says:. February 4, at am. February 5, at pm. October 13, at am. October 13, at pm. October 23, at pm. October 24, at pm. October 25, at pm.

Baskar says:. October 29, at pm.