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Leo man and Leo woman have charming and magnetic personalities that carry the potential to impress the opposite sex in no time. Ruled by the mighty Sun.

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Frank Pilkington Read the weekly psychic horoscopes by Frank Pilkington. Find Your Fate Find fate for your zodiac sign. Under the Full Moon in your sign, embrace the spotlight. Release a passion project, tell someone how you really feel, and shine bright in your fullness. Scorpio: Pay attention to your intuition early this week if it seems like people are exaggerating or over-promising. This Full Moon provokes profound healing revelations for you.

Think back to your experiences around the March 20 equinox and consider whether stubbornness has kept you stagnant in areas of your life.

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  8. A little flexibility goes a long way as you move toward your peace. Update the way you market yourself or your work to best represent your evolved perspective and priorities.

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    Offer love and gratitude to your past and present self through it all. Reach out to clear the air or apologize. Lead with your commitment to accountability rooted in love. By the weekend, reap the fruits of hard work put into your career. Celebrate your progress without letting your excitement distract you from maintaining this momentum. You may be surprised at where you stumble upon opportunity, so stay ready to shine. Aquarius: Early in the week, You may feel pressured to mirror the spending habits of friends or family.

    Instead, stay rooted in your own experience. Your path and priorities are your own. Take a trip, plan your next adventure, or look into taking classes that will empower you to extend your reach.

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    Pisces: Fantasies fall away to reveal a more holistic view of your true circumstances. Know that there is no need to downplay or exaggerate parts of yourself to protect a false image. You are worthy in your wholeness. Be clear about expectations, needs, and boundaries.

    2019 Cosmic Synchronicity: Very Rare Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune Connections

    If you find yourself tempted to over-promise, stop to consider why that may be. This is your life path and yours alone.

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    Those who truly support your health, peace, and joy will make themselves known. Move toward the light, where you feel most alive. Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, is back home in Sagittarius until December 2, Read this forecast for insights on how to best navigate your love life, your career, your creativity and your spirituality.

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